Thursday, November 23, 2006

Search Engine Optimization tips

Some key ways to ensure that you receive higher listing in the search engines is to follow these rules;

- Ensure that you do not have any pages that return 404 messages
- Remove all pages that you do not sure anymore. That means if you have some single test pages that do not link to the main site this can have an adverse affect on your rankings. If you want to setup test pages then setup a test website and host in a separate directory. Not many people know about this one but through the testing I have done it seems to be the case.
- Ensure that your site has a sitemap. Preferably one that has been linked to from your home page. This will allow the search engine spider to find all page easily for your website
- Try not to use encoded URLS for you dynamic pages. Thy to make the URL make sense or include keywords
- Include all of your JavaScript and CSS in external pages. This keeps your code clean and helps the spider to index the page. Another trick with this is to include the keywords as some of the CSS class names that you use. This means that the page will have plenty of references to your specific keywords
- Most importantly, make sure that your page is well formatted.

There are plenty of other tips so keep checking back as future posts will include some more tips for you.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

New electricity source

Here is some slightly old news as I found it on a an old post but it is new to me so I though that it was worth a post. Did you know that we can now power batteries from your standard, everyday tree. It sounds interesting enough to me. It is not really a technology tip but think of the possibilities. Instead of paying the power companies electric bills, why not rig your house up to the tree you have in your garden. Not really realistic but amusing nevertheless. Check the post at the link.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Google Newspaper Advertising

l love keeping up with what Goggle are doing and here is an interesting move from them. They have now found a way to make money on advertising when the advertising is not online. This is definitely a shift in Google’s perspective. The company is now looking to run a three-month trial to run ads in many newspapers. 50 U.S. newspapers are apparently taking part in this test. Google looks to be looking for diversification within its ad revenue so it can generate both on and offline revenue. It will also be offering a useful service to advertisers that want to get adds out to lots of newspapers quickly and effortlessly.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Your Own Custom Search

I was looking through a blog that I sometimes check to find out the latest tip bits about Google and came across a new search that can be performed with Google called "Custom Search". The blog I am talking about is Matt Cutts, who is a Google employee. (they often have some interesting stuff to share). Basically you can include a search on your website that of which you can specify the URL's that the search, searches. This means that you can effectively have and configure a search on your site that say searches all of the technology related sites that you look at.

Here is the URL;

And here is another URL to some examples of use of custom search;

Its worth having a play as you could create a search that no-one else has created and that could be of high value. (i.e popular cartoon websites search)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Multi Touch Applications

Here is a clip that talks about some of the latest multi touch technology that is out there. Me talking about it does absolutely no justice to what sort of applications can run on this multi tough platform. Check out the clip below;