Sunday, March 18, 2007

Keyword saturation tip

To obtain high rankings in the search engines for your desired keywords you have to repeat your keywords throughout your content. Doing so without careful thought can lead to a poor reading experience for users, as you end up with repeated phrases throughout your content, which can make your copy quiet unnatural to read. I was reading an article by Karon Thackston, a specialist in optimising website content for search engines. She discusses keyword saturation a technique used to include as many keywords in your content without destroying the quality for you websites content. One point that she makes is that you can split up your keywords with punctuation and the search engines still treat the you keywords the same as if there were no punctuation. For example you use the keyword "Sydney City apartment complexes". You can split this up to read "there are some great opportunities in Sydney City. Apartment complexes are some of the..." and the search engines will treat this the same as if there were no "." there. This tip allows you to include your keyword in your content a few extra times without reducing the quality of sites content.

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