Sunday, March 25, 2007

Search Engine Optimization tips

I'm always trying to keep up to date with the latest techniques to achieve high listings in the search engines. Here's a couple of search engine optimisation tips that seem to work;

- The first couple of paragraphs on a page should be heavily populated with your desired keywords. On top of this include keywords throughout the remainder of your copy, however it does seem to be these first couple that really make the difference.
- At the top a page of content include some anchored links to the relevant sections on the page. Try to make the link, and respective 'alt' text include your keywords. Also make the title of the section of the page you are linking to contain the keyword as well as the first line of the paragraph.
- When adding sections to your pages content divide them with titles using <h1>, <h2> tags rather than a CSS class. Search engines can identify these as titles to your pages copy then and pay them more attention. Also include keywords in these titles .
- Incorporate some social bookmarking tags (services such as and Digg ) at the bottom of each page so that users can create inbound links to your pages. At the same time specify the tags to be your keywords. The more links to you site including your keywords the better. These will also create back links to your site which ultimately increase your sites link popularity.

Click on the SEO category at the bottom of this post to check out some of my other search engine optimisation tips. I hope to build up quiet a bank over time.

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