Sunday, April 08, 2007

Optimising Page Content Guidelines and Tool

Over the past few months I have been optimising the content of a website to try to achieve the highest possible results in the main search engines ( ). After trial and error I have found that the guidelines described below seems to work the best. When populating the page content with keywords, you want to contain your keywords in your content as much as possible, without going too overboard. The reason being that if you include your keywords too much then the search engines will identify your page as spam which will have a negative affect on your rankings. This is to prevent those pages that contain nothing but keywords and advertisements from finding themselves highly ranked in the search engines. I have found that a good keyword to content percentage to aim for is about 2-3%, when your page content is between 300 - 1200 words. A good online tool to use to check the keyword to content % of your page is "Live Keyword Analysis",, which allows you to type up to three of your keywords, in three field located at the top of the page, and paste your page content in a rich text field in the body of the page. The page then computes the % ratio that your keywords are included in the content of your page. I find it quiet a useful tool as helps me refine my content and lets me know if I am going over the top by including too many keywords or if I need to add the keywords a few more times. I also recommend that you keep the contents of your pages between 300 and 1200 words as a guide, as having too much content on one page can prevent the search engine spiders from indexing your whole page and also turn your readers away. Stick to these guidelines when you are writing your page content and you can be happy knowing that you are doing as much as you can do, in relation to optimising page content, to get high rankings in the search engines.

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