Thursday, May 31, 2007

Skype control panel for business users

Skype now offers a console to manage a collection of Skype accounts for business users and from having a quick look at it it seems like a great way for business users to communicate with each other for free or at a reduced rate for non Skype numbers. Seems like an advantage for all users taking advantage of the all of the latest free voice based software at the moment, and is obviously a move by Skype to make a move towards trying to get more business's to user their services. Had been meaning to post this up a day or so ago however have been working on tight deadlines at the moment and have had to basically churn out the front-end of about five sections of a site in about 2 days flat. Anyway the new web based interface allows you to manage all allocated Skype accounts with one interface. It provides a centrally place to allocate credit or automatically recharge accounts, and manage invoicing with one simple system. To find out further details on this product check the link below;

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  1. much needed response for small business ownders like me skype rocks your blog rocks

  2. Anonymous4:44 am

    Skype seem to have updated the link. It is now

  3. thanks for the link update... planning another post for Skype for business users soon and some of the free tools that make it even more effective for business use... Guess I should update the link on the post now u mention it.. cheers..


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