Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yahoo to offer unlimited storage for email accounts

Sorry for the limited posts recently, I have been quiet sick and its taken me a few weeks to recover. Plus now I'm back at work, well yes you can imagine how much catching up I am having to do. I'm still in the process of doing so!!

I found this interesting article the other day, it is about an upgrade to Yahoo mail accounts. The article toots that the are about to offer unlimited storage to their email accounts this month. I have logged into my Yahoo account, which I keep just to check out what is going on a Yahoo, and it doesn't seem like this change has been implemented yet however it would be an interesting prospect to have an unlimited online email account. I mean I though Google where providing a large offering by offering 2.8GB accounts but an unlimited one seems like a huge giving. Let hope it happens soon as it may push Google to provide even more capacity than they currently do. Not sure that it will sway current Google account holders to move to Yahoo as it is quiet an annoyance to change email accounts but we will see, although I am not sure that this is their motivation. Maybe they are just being good guys by trying to provide there current users with more ability to share photos, video clips etc as today sending these sorts of files seems to be more common place. Check the article at the link below;

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