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Review of Untangle UTM

Recent open source start-up Untangle has launched one of the first open-source unified threat management software platforms (UTM) for network security, targeted at small to mid-sized businesses. The Untangled Gateway Platform was built around more than 30 open source projects, including SpamAssasin, ClamAV, and Snort, and competes with proprietary systems from SonicWall, Barracuda and WatchGuard, among others.

Untangle is aimed at SMB appliances and is geared toward 250 users or fewer, and is meant to work on one server although not released as an enterprise product it is targeted at SMB’s who previously may have used a combination of open source projects.

There is an enterprise-scale version slated for a 2009 release with the free version including a spam, virus, spyware, phish and attack blocker, as well as a web filter, protocol control, open VPN, intrusion
prevention, firewall, router and web reporting.

The paid version of Untangle includes active directory integration and advanced policy management, as well as remote access portal and configuration back-up.

Pricing for up to 10 users is US$25 a month, and it's double for up to 50 users. From 51 to 150 users it will cost US$150 a month, and for more than 151 users US$250 a month.

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  1. Anonymous5:27 pm

    If you need an all in one solution then I would look at something like unified threat managment also known as a UTM.Cyberoam firewall is the only UTM firewall that embeds user identity in firewall rule matching criteria, enabling enterprises to configure policies and identify users directly by the username rather than through IP addresses. Cyberoam’s powerful hardware firewall provides stateful and deep packet inspection, access control, user authentication, network and application-level protection.

    The ICSA-certified Cyberoam firewall is available along with VPN, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content filtering, bandwidth management and multiple link management, providing comprehensive security to small, medium and large enterprises, including remote and branch offices. Cyberoam is a Check Mark Level 5 certified UTM solution.

    Key Features

    1.Stateful Inspection Firewall
    2.Centralized management for multiple security features
    3.Embeds user identity in rule-matching criteria
    4.Multiple zone security
    5.Granular IM, P2P controls
    6.ICSA certified

  2. There are some great features in the Cyberoam product range, the ICSA certification is a bonus when it comes to VPN connectivity and also the Level 5 Check Mark certification also holds it in good stead.

    The main focus of the Untangle UTM article was to focus some attention on an excellent open source product which the Source-forge community have been working on for some time.

    For an SMB that can't afford an appliance device such as Cyberoam/Netgear/Cisco the Utangle UTM suite still has excellent features for a limited price it also has excellent reporting features.

    These will usually cost a bundle considering the CR250i from Cyberoam is around US$1900 for an mature open source product Untangle its hard to go past.

    It is true that to access some extended features you will need to get commercial add ons for Untangle but the professional version is only US$250 and regardless of ICSA certification it is still an excellent product from the open-source community and from my experience working for a major hardware vendor these certifications are usually purchased regardless of the devices effectiveness

    This product is aimed at the SMB market and considering its using many existing
    open- source code projects it's nice to see a sourceforge project reach the market as opposed to another multinational company buying reference hardware designs and chipsets and making an expensive appliance UTM product

  3. I think the key here is that Untangle is:

    1) all-in-one
    (anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, VPN, web content filtering, intrusion prevention, router, anti-phishing, integrated reporting, and much more

    2) easy to use
    (install, configure, read reports, etc.)

    3) free
    (for most uses, if you want you can pay for support or some special applications like Active Directory)

    4) has a huge COMMUNITY of users
    (who absolutely love the product, are constantly giving feedback to help improve it, add features, make it easier, etc.)

    Despite all this, the system is extremely powerful, more so than many other significantly more expensive products.

    Darnit, and its FUN to use!! :)

    Most of the competition wants you to purchase new hardware every time a major update comes around. Untangle simply updates itself (if you allow it) via software. There is no messing with hardware. You can use almost PC/Intel hardware you want. From a pretty low end system all the way up to some super powerful 8 core server!

    This puppy is great for:
    1) small businesses, usually less than 250 users
    2) schools
    3) home networks, to keep computers free from viruses, spyware, etc.
    4) all kinds of things!

    Anyways, Untangle is great, and it just keeps getting more and more incredible and easy to use, as more features are added! I can't wait to see what other features will be added in the future.

  4. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Loving the bogus comments from obvious CyberRoam employees here.

    Have used both. Cyberroam is good but pricey, Untangle is just as good and free.

    Unless you need individual user configurations, Untangle is fine.

  5. I haven't really tried that open-source software but it definitely looks helpful. I should probably use it sometime.

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