Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Looking Wallpapers i'v seen in a while

This has to be one of the best wallpaper links I have ever stumbled across. The link below contains the most stunning themed wallpapers for
your desktop that I have found to date. I just had to share it. Anyone with any other links to
wallpapers sites that they know about that are free and offer similar quality as an art enthusiast I would be grateful to be given a chance to check them out. Just a short post but great post for wallpaper lovers.

By the way you don't need to sign up for the site and click the "Submit" button to get access, just click on the splash page image. Hope you like.

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  1. Wow, those wallpapers look stunning! I haven't used a wallpaper on my laptop for such a long time, ever since dreamscene came out with a stable patch, I always have moving backgrounds.

    I can't see much of future for static desktop background images over the next few years. The moving backgrounds are only a stepping stone to fully interactive background display montages. I think currently it's an underutilised area.

    Stardock has developed a pretty cool background application called Dreamscapes which lets you animate images.

    I know the resources required to run these movies is huge, which is why it crashes occasionally, but my desktop looks way better with swimming fishes and turtles in the background :)

  2. Yes I couldn't believe how good some of those artworks, truly amazing. Will have to check out Stardock as it sounds really interesting. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. This is a great resource that you have pointed out. It is comparable if not better than many digital art examples I have seen recently. Some really inspirational stuff. Thanks for pointing out.

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