Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RSS feed of delicious user

The new delicious application is up and running for a little while now. Users have seen big changes in the service over the years and the last set of changes were almost a complete overhaul in my opinion, I use it most days and have found most of the changes positive. 
Since delicious's introduction all that time ago I have stuck with the service even though there are others out there, mainly because at the time it started I thought it was a great idea and they had the best implementation of on-line bookmarking. I believe and they still do however others may disagree.

Anyhow on to the problem I was having that I thought someone might find useful. One thing I noticed with the new delicious application is that the RSS icons don't seem seem to be easily accessible, so it is hard to find the RSS feed for a particular user, users tag etc.. This makes it a little hard if you are using something third party to aggregate the delicious feed. 

Well here is the Syntax that I could not find on the delicious website.<>/

If you want to just get the RSS of a users tag then use the syntax;<>/<>

The reason I wanted an RSS feed of my latest public bookmarks is to feed my Facebook business page and give show users some activity and information about what I am looking at the time.. I do think delicious should should re-introduce the old RSS button somewhere on their application. I honestly looked everywhere on the homepage and all sub pages and could not find one RSS icon.. A shame in my opinion. Hope this tip helps someone.